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Grigri 2 – zamenjava

Za ene že vem, da imajo novi GriGri2. Preverite serijske in ga zamenjajte, če imate tega sumljivega.

Recall for replacement: GRIGRI2


GRIGRI 2 with the handle stuck in the positionFigure 1

Petzl has discovered that exerting excessive force on the fully extended handle of the GRIGRI 2 can cause internal damage, such that the GRIGRI 2 handle may become stuck in the open position.

When the handle is stuck in this position the assisted braking function is disabled. A damaged GRIGRI 2 in this configuration will function similarly to a manual belay device (e.g. tube style device).

When using a damaged GRIGRI 2 with the handle stuck in the position as shown in Figure 1, failure to control the braking side of the rope will increase the risk of an uncontrolled descent. A GRIGRI 2 with a damaged handle must be immediately retired from service.

It is important to note that failure to control the braking side of the rope is a misuse of the GRIGRI 2 under any circumstance (See GRIGRI 2 Technical Notice – pdf file, 2,5Mo).

As of June 20, 2011, seven damaged products have been returned to Petzl through our worldwide distribution network. Petzl has no knowledge of any accidents resulting from a damaged GRIGRI 2 handle.

Petzl Response

Because the safety of our users is our primary concern, as a measure of precaution Petzl has decided to take the following actions:

  • increase the mechanical strength of the handle on all GRIGRI 2’s since serial number 11137.
  • recall all GRIGRI 2’s with the first five digits of the serial number between 10326 and 11136, and replace with a new revised GRIGRI 2.

Petzl will pay for all shipping costs to complete this replacement.

Contact Petzl America in one of two ways:
– By phone: 1 (800) 932-2978 (toll free)
– By email: grigri2recall@petzl.com

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  • Kdor ga je kupil v Igluju, ga lahko tam zamenja. Menda nove dobijo konec naslednjega tedna. Preden greste tja, raje prej pokličite. Lahko jih v MB zamenjam tudi jaz.

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